I attended the AppsWorld on October 22 and 23, 2013.

Appsworld was 2 days full of discussions around new upcoming platforms (TV apps, Automotive apps with General Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroen, new Mobile OSs…), new technologies, new tools for developers, new services developed by third party companies and new ways to monetize your growing business.

Many interesting topics where discussed but in this summary I will focus on how majors companies are facing the digitalization of the world.

I was really impressed by the presentation made by Kevin Flowers (Vice President and CTO of Coca Cola Company). As he said “The shelf is moving. How do we access the shelf ?”. To answer this question they did the 5 points below:

  • API Management Strategy –> Key insight !
  • Leverage existing Integrations
  • Security Partnership
  • Set API Achievement Goal
  • Clear Individual Objective

In Coca Cola Company they developed their first API. It simplified their development, accelerated the program, created more demand, demonstrated the possible and it opens data for outsourced development teams.

Kevin Flowers: “Hackathons are not only for Google”. Indeed they also organized Hackathons not only for developers but also for non-technical persons with brilliant ideas.

The experience was insightful:

  • It increases the innovation, invention and creativity in your company.
  • Mix skills. Cross functional teams
  • HUGE employee engagement

The conference was also focused on HTML5 and if this is the right choice for large companies. The answer is not surprising: yes and no! On the one hand, yes because HTML5 is everywhere and the upcoming platforms are using it. We should not see the web as a platform anymore but more like a real OS. It allows cross-platforming especially if you develop responsive web app. On the other hand no because we can have performance leaks, more complexity in some case…

The consortium finally found a compromise with hybrid apps (not especially with Phonegap but with homemade solutions for IOS and Android to keep great performances).


*Steeve Wozniak comme speaker :) *