Voici une liste de modules Python populaires trouvée sur le site https://pymotw.com/3/index.html. L’avantage de ce site est qu’il fournit des exemples clairs pour les utiliser.


  • string: Text Constants and Templates
  • textwrap: Formatting Text Paragraphs
  • re: Regular Expressions
  • difflib: Compare Sequences

Data Structures

  • enum: Enumeration Type
  • collections: Container Data Types
  • array: Sequence of Fixed-type Data
  • heapq: Heap Sort Algorithm
  • bisect: Maintain Lists in Sorted Order
  • queue: Thread-Safe FIFO Implementation
  • struct: Binary Data Structures
  • weakref: Impermanent References to Objects
  • copy: Duplicate Objects
  • pprint: Pretty-Print Data Structures
  • forwardable: Delegate methods creation for composition in OOP (https://pypi.org/project/forwardable/)


  • functools: Tools for Manipulating Functions
  • itertools: Iterator Functions
  • operator: Functional Interface to Built-in Operators
  • contextlib: Context Manager Utilities

Dates and Times

  • time: Clock Time
  • datetime: Date and Time Value Manipulation
  • calendar: Work with Dates


  • decimal: Fixed and Floating Point Math
  • fractions: Rational Numbers
  • random: Pseudorandom Number Generators
  • math: Mathematical Functions
  • statistics: Statistical Calculations

The File System

  • os.path: Platform-independent Manipulation of Filenames
  • pathlib: Filesystem Paths as Objects
  • glob: Filename Pattern Matching
  • fnmatch: Unix-style Glob Pattern Matching
  • linecache: Read Text Files Efficiently
  • tempfile: Temporary File System Objects
  • shutil: High-level File Operations
  • filecmp: Compare Files
  • mmap: Memory-map Files
  • codecs: String Encoding and Decoding
  • io: Text, Binary, and Raw Stream I/O Tools

Data Persistence and Exchange

  • pickle: Object Serialization
  • shelve: Persistent Storage of Objects
  • dbm: Unix Key-Value Databases
  • sqlite3: Embedded Relational Database
  • xml.etree.ElementTree: XML Manipulation API
  • csv: Comma-separated Value Files

Data Compression and Archiving

  • zlib: GNU zlib Compression
  • gzip: Read and Write GNU zip Files
  • bz2: bzip2 Compression
  • tarfile: Tar Archive Access
  • zipfile: ZIP Archive Access


  • hashlib: Cryptographic Hashing
  • hmac: Cryptographic Message Signing and Verification

Concurrency with Processes, Threads, and Coroutines

  • subprocess: Spawning Additional Processes
  • signal: Asynchronous System Events
  • threading: Manage Concurrent Operations Within a Process
  • multiprocessing: Manage Processes Like Threads
  • asyncio: Asynchronous I/O, event loop, and concurrency tools
  • concurrent.futures: Manage Pools of Concurrent Tasks


  • ipaddress: Internet Addresses
  • socket: Network Communication
  • selectors: I/O Multiplexing Abstractions
  • select: Wait for I/O Efficiently
  • socketserver: Creating Network Servers

The Internet

  • urllib.parse: Split URLs into Components
  • urllib.request: Network Resource Access
  • urllib.robotparser: Internet Spider Access Control
  • base64: Encode Binary Data with ASCII
  • http.server: Base Classes for Implementing Web Servers
  • http.cookies: HTTP Cookies
  • webbrowser: Displays web pages
  • uuid: Universally Unique Identifiers
  • json: JavaScript Object Notation
  • xmlrpc.client: Client Library for XML-RPC
  • xmlrpc.server: An XML-RPC server


  • smtplib: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Client
  • smtpd: Sample Mail Servers
  • mailbox: Manipulate Email Archives
  • imaplib: IMAP4 Client Library

Application Building Blocks

  • argparse: Command-Line Option and Argument Parsing
  • getopt: Command Line Option Parsing
  • readline: The GNU readline Library
  • getpass: Secure Password Prompt
  • cmd: Line-oriented Command Processors
  • shlex: Parse Shell-style Syntaxes
  • configparser: Work with Configuration Files
  • logging: Report Status, Error, and Informational Messages
  • fileinput: Command-Line Filter Framework
  • atexit: Program Shutdown Callbacks
  • sched: Timed Event Scheduler

Internationalization and Localization

  • gettext: Message Catalogs
  • locale: Cultural Localization API

Developer Tools

  • pydoc: Online Help for Modules
  • doctest: Testing Through Documentation
  • unittest: Automated Testing Framework
  • trace: Follow Program Flow
  • traceback: Exceptions and Stack Traces
  • cgitb: Detailed Traceback Reports
  • pdb: Interactive Debugger
  • profile and pstats: Performance Analysis
  • timeit: Time the execution of small bits of Python code.
  • tabnanny: Indentation validator
  • compileall: Byte-compile Source Files
  • pyclbr: Class Browser
  • venv: Create Virtual Environments
  • ensurepip: Install the Python Package Installer

Runtime Features

  • site: Site-wide Configuration
  • sys: System-specific Configuration
  • os: Portable access to operating system specific features
  • platform: System Version Information
  • resource: System Resource Management
  • gc: Garbage Collector
  • sysconfig: Interpreter Compile-time Configuration

Language Tools

  • warnings: Non-fatal Alerts
  • abc: Abstract Base Classes
  • dis: Python Bytecode Disassembler
  • inspect: Inspect Live Objects

Modules and Packages

  • importlib: Python’s Import Mechanism
  • pkgutil: Package Utilities
  • zipimport: Load Python Code from ZIP Archives

Unix-specific Services

  • pwd: Unix Password Database
  • grp: Unix Group Database