Installer GPG et git-crypt localement

Sur OSX:

brew install gpg
brew install git-crypt

Sur Linux Ubuntu/ Debian:

apt-get install gnupg git-crypt gnupg-agent -y

Verification de l’installation

gpg --gen-key
gpg --list-keys

Generate a new GPG key On the new developer laptop execute:

Generate a new GPG key

gpg --gen-key

Get the public key ID

Send the key to an admin to trust it and add it to git-crypt repo DB

gpg --list-keys
# example 4037B9596FB8CF790CF5D2BB66281416CB86764B

Export the GPG keys to a file

# If your machine contains one GPG key
gpg --armor --export --output /tmp/user_pubkey.gpg

# Else
gpg --export -a CEDFA26469..................CEC966794F8D > /tmp/olivier_pubkey.gpg

Send to file to a repository contributor/ admin.

Import the public key locally

On the admin laptop import the public key to GPG local DB and trust it.

gpg --import /tmp/user_pubkey.gpg

# Trust the public key
gpg --edit-key F987DFB4E7F6B40A03FC152A3C3B8C1BDB3C11EF trust quit

Add the trusted key on git repo

On the admin laptop add the public key to the repo (it automatically creates a commit)

git-crypt add-gpg-user 4037B9596FB8CF990CF5D2BB66281416CB86764B
# Replace the example key bellow with the new developer key: example 4037B9596FB8CF790CF5D2BCC3281416CB86764B

Push the change to git

Just git push. On the previous step a commit has been automatically created (git log to see it)